JUNE & JULY 2021

Overfishing is one of the greatest threats to the health of our oceans, contributing to biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, bycatch of marine species, human rights abuses, and more.

Consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts of their purchasing behaviour on our oceans. Choosing Ocean Wise recommended seafood relieves pressure on overfished species, supports responsible aquaculture, and ensures that we will be able to continue to enjoy seafood for generations to come.

Join our community of changemakers in June and July and follow along as we share educational resources about the drivers and solutions to overfishing, and highlight the ways in which our incredible Ocean Wise Seafood partners are leading the sustainable seafood movement.

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End Overfishing Pledge


There are many ways you can get involved in the sustainable seafood movement to help end overfishing. Let us know how you’ll be part of the solution.

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Navigating Solutions to Overfishing

On June 8, 2021, World Ocean’s Day, Ocean Wise took a deep dive into overfishing – one of the greatest threats facing our ocean. If you missed it, please watch the video above.



Check back regularly to see how Ocean Wise Seafood partners are raising awareness about the challenges and solutions to end overfishing with the following events:


June 1-8 Blue Organization: Oceans Week Quebec (Virtual, ongoing programming)

June 1 – July 31 De la Mer Video Series: 10 videos highlighting sustainability and Ocean Wise (Virtual, ongoing)

June 4 Blue Organization: Atelier culinaire virtuel – De la mer à votre table (6:30 PM EST, Virtual)

June 8 Navigating Solutions to Overfishing with Ocean Wise Seafood (*FREE*, 12PM PST/3PM EST, Virtual)

June 15  Choices Market Webinar: Restoring our Oceans through Seafood (*FREE*, 7PM PST, Virtual)

June 23 [email protected] Workshop: Sustainable Ontario Lakefish with Chef Aaron Linley & Ocean Wise Seafood (*FREE*, 6PM EST, Virtual)

June 23 West Kootenay Eco Society & SkipperOtto webinar (*FREE*, Virtual, 6PM PST)


July 8 GrowingChefs! Ontario and Ocean Wise Seafood Virtual Cooking Demo (*FREE*, 5:30PM EST, Virtual)




Waves of Changemakers

Ocean Wise Seafood partners are leading the movement to help #EndOverfishing this June and July. By supporting program partners, you support the sustainable seafood movement. 

Donations & Fundraising

Donating to the Ocean Wise Seafood program ensures businesses and consumers will have the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to choose sustainable seafood products and avoid overfished species.

Here’s how our partners are contributing to our not-for-profit conservation program:

  • Casus Grill Canada – Donating 100% of profits to Ocean Wise Seafood for every Casus Grill sold in Canada.
  • The Smoke Bloke – Donating 15% of proceeds from smoked Ocean Wise recommended seafood products.
  • Centennial Foods – Donating $.20 cents per lbs sold for key flyer items throughout the month of June to the Ocean Wise Seafood program. Centennial will also be encouraging their customers to join Ocean Wise and will cover the new partner fee for any restaurant that is currently ordering Ocean Wise Seafood from Centennial Food Service throughout the month of June.
  • 1931 Gallery Bistro – 1931 Gallery Bistro will be fundraising for the Ocean Wise Seafood program through their 100% Ocean Wise menu! More details to come.
  • Hello Nori – Hello Nori will be donating $1 per Ocean Wise shrimp sold.
  • Grounded Kitchen – Donating $2 per Casus Grill picnic kit to the Ocean Wise Seafood program.
  • Bluehouse Salmon – Donating funds to the Ocean Wise Seafood program.
  • Rose Buddha – Donating $2 and $1 per Sea La Vie x Valentine Thomas pants and t-shirt, respectively. The funds collected will cover the costs of seaweed or bivalve restorative sea-farmers in Quebec’s Gulf of Saint-Lawrence.

Helping to Spread the Word

Keep an eye out for social media posts, flyers, newsletters, and more from our partners helping to spread the word about the drivers and solutions to overfishing.



Weekly Reading List

Each week, Ocean Wise Seafood will be releasing educational Aquablogs relating to the four major themes – for a thorough exploration of the drivers and solutions to overfishing.

We will update the reading list weekly, so check back regularly to stay up-to-date, and re-share these blogs with your networks to help us raise awareness. 

June 1 – 13 “Overfishing: Issues and Solutions”

June 14 – 30 “Wild Capture Seafood”

July 1 – 18 “Farmed Seafood”

July 19 – 31 “What You Can Do”




You’ve taken the first steps to help end overfishing.

Please share this page so that together, we can create lasting change.


Header Image: Christian Aslund, Greenpeace

Get Involved

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