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Photo of Scott McIlveen (He/Him)

Scott McIlveen (He/Him)

Science Analyst

Despite growing up in Ontario, Scott developed an awareness and concern for the state of the ocean at a young age. Experiences in the outdoors as well as documentaries such as Sharkwater and Planet Earth continued to shape his love for the natural world and instilled the importance of ocean conservation.

This ultimately led him to pursue a degree in Zoology at the University of Guelph. During the degree, Scott spent three weeks taking a field course on shark biology featuring a trip to the world-renowned Bimini Biological Field Station, galvanizing a desire to pursue a career in ocean conservation. Throughout his degree in Marine Management at Dalhousie University, Scott was drawn to fisheries management and the complex sustainability issues therein. For his graduate project, he investigated the shark fin market in Canada and revealed a high proportion of at-risk species being sold in Toronto markets.

Since graduating, Scott has pursued different avenues to further ocean conservation goals locally and abroad. After some time away from the coast, Scott has returned to Halifax where he regularly enjoys spending time by the ocean. He is looking forward to building upon his knowledge of sustainability and continuing to contribute to ocean conservation efforts for years to come.

Contact Scott: 

Phone: 604 659 3830
Email: [email protected]

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