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Photo of Nathalie Graham (She/Her)

Nathalie Graham (She/Her)

Partner Relations Manager

Nathalie always had a passion for animals and conservation, growing up in Zambia she was surrounded by wildlife and knew at an early age that working in this sector would be her future career path. Having pursued a Bachelor of Zoology from the University of Cardiff, she began working at a shark research center in South Africa, directly monitoring Great White Shark Populations. It was through her direct scientific research that she became passionate for science communication and realised the importance of those outside the scientific community having access to and an understanding of research results to inspire them towards individual action. To solidify her communication skills, she pursued a Master of Teaching in Toronto and soon after joined the Vancouver Aquarium, leading the onsite interpretive team in designing and leading conservation education programs. It was through these programs that Nathalie first promoted Ocean Wise Seafood to the public and saw the clear impact the program could make in turning the tide towards a healthy future for our oceans. Nathalie is excited to bring her communication expertise to the team to help broaden the program’s reach and make sustainable seafood and fisheries easily understandable so everyone can make the best choice for our future.

Contact Nathalie:

Phone: 604 659 3801

Email: [email protected] 

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