Our Standards


Ocean Wise Seafood uses a binary rating system (Ocean Wise Recommended or Not Recommended) to communicate seafood’s environmental sustainability.

Each rating is informed by a large quantity of data that allows our program to evaluate the impacts of a seafood’s production on aquatic organisms and ecosystems. This data is synthesised through documents called sustainability assessments, which are peer-reviewed publications that use numerical scoring and decision rules to assess the environmental performance of a fishery or aquaculture operation against a written Standard.

Due to the global nature of seafood, and to provide sustainability ratings for as many seafoods as possible, Ocean Wise uses sustainability assessments from several sources when developing Ocean Wise Seafood ratings, these include:

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As assessments authored by different organisations score sustainability differently, Ocean Wise uses our Scoring Methodology and Ratings System to grade each assessed seafood in a way that ensures that all recommended seafoods meet the same requirements to achieve a specific rating.

Because fisheries and aquaculture operations are dynamic and ever-changing, all Ocean Wise Seafood ratings and our Scoring Methodology and Ratings System undergo regular review. This ensures our program incorporates the best available science to generate and maintain our sustainable seafood ratings.



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