Cooking for Conservation

Cooking for Conservation

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Restorative Recipes Designed to Support Healthy Oceans

Cooking for Conservation was created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the non-profit Ocean Wise Seafood program. View Sample

All proceeds support the Ocean Wise Seafood Program.

About the Cookbook

Cooking for Conservation is a digital cookbook designed to connect you with the positive impact you can make when you cook with Ocean Wise recommended restorative seafood species that improve the quality of ocean habitats as they are grown – seaweed and bivalve shellfish.

The cookbook features recipes from 15 Ocean Wise Seafood partners so you can explore a variety of ways to enjoy restorative seafood in your home.

In this digital format, you will have access to personal video messages from Ocean Wise Seafood partners explaining the inspiration behind their recipes, as well as videos, excerpts, and science facts from the Ocean Wise Seafood team so you can learn about the species and habitats you are supporting.

Recipe Sections

1  KELP OUR PLANET  Anyone can enjoy seafood and help our planet, because seaweeds, such as kelp, are a vegetarian-friendly seafood. Seaweed is so sustainable that any species, cultivated anywhere in the world, are Ocean Wise recommended. This section features vegetarian, seaweed-based recipes.

2  WHAT SHELL WE COOK?  Bivalves are one of the most sustainable sources of protein. As filter feeders, they survive off nutrients in the water column, clean the waterways, and offer you a delicious and complete protein source. This section features a variety of bivalve recipes including mussels, clams, scallops, and oysters.

3  BETTER TOGETHER  Kelp and bivalves provide more support to each other and ocean ecosystems when grown together. Similarly, when eaten together, they provide a more complete complement of nutrients. This section features recipes that include both seaweed and bivalves in the dish.

Participating Ocean Wise Seafood Partners

Chef Will Lew, Ocean Wise

Chef Frank Pabst, Blue Water Café

Chef Dai Fukasaku, Fukasaku of Prince Rupert

Chef Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, Restaurant de I’ITHQ

Chef Joe Thottungal, Coconut Lagoon

Patricia Canales Gutierrez, Le Solei du Sud

Chef Dacha-Danijel Markovic, Fogo Island Inn

Chef Karen O’Connor, Daniel et Daniel

Chef Thompson Tran, The Wooden Boat Food Company

Malindi Taylor, Fanny Bay Oysters

Chef Poyan Danesh, Ocean Mama Seafood

Chef James Neilson, Calgary Zoo

Chef Minette Lotz, Naramata Inn

Chef Alain Berthelot, Aquarium du Québec

Chef Welbert Choi, Forage

Chef Ned Bell, Naramata Inn

Written contributions by Laurenne Schiller, Rachel Chudnow, Erika Bolliger, and Quinn Anderson.


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