Why We Exist

Per capita seafood consumption has been on the rise since the 1960s (when it averaged 9.9 kg) to over 20 kg in 2018. Today, over one billion people depend on seafood as an important source of protein. As global consumption and overconsumption increase, sustainable seafood will play a critical role in ensuring a reliable source of protein for people around the world.

Ensuring humanity has access to seafood while protecting aquatic species and ecosystems is one of the greatest challenges we face. More and more fisheries and aquaculture operations are becoming sustainability managed. However, many fisheries and farms across the globe still face significant sustainability challenges. These industries have significant negative impacts on aquatic organisms such as fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, sea turtles, and sea birds through over-exploitation and non-direct impacts on populations and aquatic ecosystems (e.g., bycatch, pollution, and non-native species introductions). Choosing to eat Ocean Wise recommended seafood helps to relieve the pressure on over-exploited species, protect threatened species and ecosystems, promotes responsible aquaculture, and ensures that we will be able to continue to enjoy seafood for generations to come.  


Over one billion people use seafood as their primary source of protein.


Animal caught by global fisheries is discarded.


Of Canadian fisheries are considered "healthy".


Increase in global aquaculture production since 1990.

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